He is Risen. He is risen indeed. Happy belated Easter

I am writing this from Bulverde, Texas, in the hill country. We are on a two-week vacation, and I’ll not be able to get another recipe to you during that time. Dale and I do have a spring/Easter dessert for you that I will send when I return home.  It’s something with strawberries. Yep, its quite glorious.

Spring is here, and the bluebonnets in Texas have been testifying to it with wild abandon. We are enjoying every wildflower we see to the hilt! And may you too. [RuthAnn]

The Glory of Spring

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5 Responses to He is Risen. He is risen indeed. Happy belated Easter

  1. Stephen Ridley says:

    Hey Mom! I’m enjoying your new post!! :]

    – Stephen

  2. Stephen Ridley says:

    That picture is amazing! Hope you are both having fun.

    • ruthann1 says:

      Dear Stephen, Isn’t that picture fun and awesome? God is quite an artist and quite the one to spread abundance everywhere he can. Yes, we’re having fun and a good, relaxed time playing with Marilee’s new baby Ava and enjoying Jon and Diane’s home. Love you, Mom

  3. Annette Finger says:

    Did you take this picture, Ruthann? Is this is TX? Wow!

    • ruthann1 says:

      Dear Annette, This picture was sent to us from a cousin of Bob’s in Houston, Texas. It was taken near Ennis, Texas earlier in their Spring. They say that spring is a month ahead of itself down here, so we have seen a lot of yellow and orange wild flowers and some pink buttercups, but only a few areas of blue-bonnets. But isn’t that picture something. Yes, Wow!

      Love, RuthAnn

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