Easy Gourmet Breakfast Food

Easy Gourmet                                        Cooking Devotional

When I was growing up, it was always wonderful to wake up on Sunday mornings to the smell of bacon frying and the anticipation of Mom’s Sunday pancakes. Breakfast food— It helps us to wake up to the day and all that lies before us. What shall we have today? What will encourage us and make our feet light?

I’m going to try Dale’s Omelet with spinach and goat cheese, and I especially want to learn to do the flipping. You toss it right up in the air  and catch it like a pro. I’m going to need, I think, a lot of practice. [RuthAnn]

Grocery Shopping at Whole Foods

Dale’s World:

Spinach and Goat Cheese Omelet


It was several years ago that the music director of our church called me. He was to have a “working breakfast” the following mourning for six people. Although he definitely wanted breakfast food, he didn’t want the usual fried eggs and bacon.  I hung up the telephone and looked into the walk-in refrigerator. We had eggs, oh, wow! Here was some fresh spinach. I spied a roll of goat cheese and knew that I had the ingredients for a wonderful breakfast.

If you have never used goat cheese, you are in for a treat. It is available in rolls about four inches long and perhaps one-and-a-half inches wide. If it is imported from France, it will be labeled “chevre,” the French word for goat. If it is American, it will read Goat Cheese. It comes plain or flavored with various herbs and fruits. Choose what appeals to you; they are all good. The flavor of the plain goat cheese is similar to a very mild feta; a little tart, but very smooth.

You will need:

8 Eggs                                                1 bunch fresh Spinach

Butter                                                1 4 oz. roll Goat cheese

Omelet Ingredients


1. Wash and dry the spinach. Reserve eight or so small whole leaves for garnish.

Remove the stems and tear the rest into bite-sized pieces.

2. Crumble about half the cheese, or more if you really like it.

Yummy chevre

3. Break two eggs into a bowl and whisk until thoroughly mixed.


1. Melt a tablespoon of butter in a small skillet or omelet pan. Eight or nine inches is a good size, and a non-stick surface is very helpful. I have a very inexpensive omelet pan which I use exclusively for eggs.                                    [This is an item I need] RuthAnn

2. Pour the two beaten eggs into the pan. When the egg starts to cook, lift the edge of the omelet with a heat proof rubber spatula. Tilt the pan to let some of the uncooked egg, roll under the cooked egg that you  have lifted. Do that in several places until most of the egg is cooked.

3. Now flip the omelet. I love this part when doing a “hands on” cooking class. Some students do it perfectly the first time. Others scatter egg everywhere. There still days when I make a mess. If you don’t want to flip it into the air, use your rubber spatula to turn it over. Then set the pan off the heat.

4. Sprinkle about two tablespoons of the crumbled cheese over half of the omelet, then a handful of spinach over the cheese.

5. Place the omelet on a dinner plate.

6. Do all the remaining omelets the same way, one at a time.

7. Garnish with spinach leaves or cut tomatoes or tomato salsa.

[Serves 4]


Spinach and Goat Cheese Omelet



Food for Thought (Cooking Devotional):

Awake, Sleeper, awake!

            What do you anticipate when you wake up each morning: a sunrise, a smoothie, some fresh time with the Lord or perhaps, now that you are aware of Dale’s omelet, a Spinach and goat cheese omelet?” And what about your plans for the day? Sometimes I go back to sleep after breakfast, moving blindly along the same old path. I get in ruts.

The Bible is liberal with its “Awake’s!” and “Be on the alerts!” and they speak loudly in these precarious times. God wants us to wake up to what’s going on in our outer world and also, our inner worlds.

“Awake sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you” (Ephesians 5:14).

“Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary. the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” (I Peter 5:8).

Sometimes I think Americans are like frogs in boiling water. We are dropped into the pot when the water is lukewarm and fail to notice when it becomes dangerous. Natural disasters are multiplying around us, so much so that some have begun to think the abnormal is normal. There are earthquakes everywhere, one moving the island of Japan several feet. Some jolting unexpected places like Washington D.C. and Colorado. Wildfires proliferate, not only in California, but in Texas and Colorado. We have had tornados in new corridors in super destructive mode, tsunami’s, tropical storms in New York, and in March of 2012, 15,000 daily-high-temperature records set nation-wide. The list could go on ad finitum. What is God doing?

My journalist son, David, tells me of a contemporary American who left  here for 20 years, and when he returned he didn’t recognize his own country. The manners and attitudes of people in the grocery store and on the streets were no longer kind and deferential, but angry and aggressive. And the values of the government were unrecognizable.

These times test the inner self of the Christian. As I face the atmosphere of our culture day after day, I have to be alert to my reactions, or I will return an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I want to remember to ask, “What would Jesus do?”

There once was a gifted man who was treading happily upon Christ’s road. But one day, he donned blinders and took the wrong fork in the road. He strolled upon it, half asleep, until it dawned on him that he’d lost all sense of the presence of His God. Truth had become relative; the Word had turned meaningless; and there was nothing but the dark. His increasing anxiety finally led to a nervous breakdown. The break woke him up, and with the help of loved ones and counselors, he returned to the Path.

But as so often happens, the saga wasn’t over. After some years, he began to fall into old patterns. He’d donned his blinders once again. Fortunately he had a very good friend who woke him up, and he returned to the rigors of the Word and let it examine his heart and soul. Gradually the dark dissipated and he walked happily upon the good path again.

“Help us, O Lord, to examine our priorities and wake up to what is really important. Show us the path you’d have us follow today.” In Jesus name, Amen and Amen. 

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2 Responses to Easy Gourmet Breakfast Food

  1. Diane Rutledge Hazel says:

    I even ate them cold if I came downstairs after everyone else had finished. Recently, though, I’ve begun adding cinnamon to EVERYTHING breakfast. It is a mood lifter. So, cinnamon pancakes and coffee. Bacon to get others out of bed. Right?

    • ruthann1 says:

      DEar Diane, Yes! Bacon to get them out of bed, and cinnamon pancakes, sounds like a winner to me. We had a great time with Lynda at TAttered Cover and then at her hotel: Robin, Cyndi, Lynda, Dave and I talking til as late as they’d let us stay in the restaurant. Lynda looked extremely writerly with her flowing charigan, colorful scarf dangly silver earrings and glasses. I’m so pround of her.

      Love you, Ruthann RuthAnn Ridley Inspiring Cuisine “From a chore to a joy” inspiringcuisine.com ruthannridley@earthlink.net

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