Inspiration for Chicken Noodle Soup


 I’ve always thought that Chicken Noodle Soup was a lightweight, good for when you’re extremely sick, but on more normal days full of little but air.

When I searched several cookbooks for more imaginative recipes, I came up empty-handed.

So I decided to experiment a bit with my own recipe, adding more vegetables and a different kind of noodles and seasonings.

I hope you like our “More than Chicken Noodle Soup” as much as we do.



More than Chicken Noodle Soup

You will need:

 1 recipe Chicken Broth (below)

1 cup uncooked Rotini Pasta

2 or 3 stalks sliced celery

3 whole carrots, peeled and chopped

1 cup or more Fresh Green Beans, snapped

1 or 2 Tablespoons fresh Tarragon

Chicken chunks (meat from chicken wings used in the broth)


Carrots for "More"

Carrots for “More”


 1. After straining broth and discarding all other ingredients but the broth, return to stock pot and set it aside while you prepare celery, carrots and green beans.

2. Begin cutting off good chunks of meat from the chicken wings



 1.Throw vegetables into stock pot and simmer until soft.

2. Add Tarragon.

3. Add Rotini and chicken and simmer until Pasta is tender and flavors are blended.

4. Pour into soup bowls and enjoy!


 Incredible Chicken Broth (prepare this in the morning or on the night before)

(Note: This recipe is from Suzanne Somers’ Eat Great, Lose Weight.)

 You will need:

 5 lb. Chicken Wings

1 head Garlic, unpeeled

2 Leeks, washed and cut into thirds

5 Shallots, peeled

8 Celery stalks (including leaves), cut into thirds

Salt to Taste

20 Black Peppercorns

3 springs fresh Thyme

1 bunch Parsley


Place ingredients in stockpot with water to cover. Simmer as low as possible for 3 hours.




Food for Thought:

More Matters

 An extra produce bag I brought home from my favorite grocery store said:

Fruits and vegetables—More Matters

Yes! “More” matters when it comes to fruits and vegetables. A chicken noodle soup with vegetables has more substance. The South Beach diet I’ve been on for a couple of weeks make me feel healthier because of its multitude of vegetables.

More Vegetables

More Vegetables

“More” also matters when it comes to our relationship with Jesus Christ. Sometimes we fall into thinking the Christian life is nothing but duty and drudge. But Jesus says, “I am come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly”(John 10:10b)

That abundance, that More is a foundational part of the True Way, and it is crucial that we experience it. It gives us hope, for it is a foretaste of heaven.

He promises not only grace to those who believe, but lavish grace; he promises not only love but “extravagant love that surpasses knowledge.” He longs to give us not only strength but wants to strengthen us with all might according to His glorious power” (Ephesians 1: 7-8; 3:16-19)!!

About 10 days ago, a friend gave me loving counsel that is making a major difference in my life. It has been a leap into freedom

As a result of this counsel and much prayer, I’ve made a difficult decision, and God has promised me that, though it will unsettle things for others I care about for a time, something very good will come of it. It’s the more of truth winning out, and the light of Christ driving the darkness away.

And every day He showers us with detailed love if we only have eyes to see.

I’ve been rejoicing over the yellow and red tanager that suddenly landed on a branch near our deck, the tiny translucent iris that began to bloom on our window sill, the more than green in a Georgian spring, the joy of the perfect cruise for two tired-old people, and the excellent planning of my husband who brought it all about.

One of the “mores” God brought to me in recent days is a teacher who encouraged me to keep a Watercolor Journal depicting our vacation. What a profound therapy!

Creativity is one of the “Mores” that makes life abundant. It is a gift from God The Creator. When we create we reflect Him.

Last Monday I discovered a book in our church library titled The Flowering Tornado. It explores the gift of creativity. Ginny Ruffner has created a book of seven pop-ups, one a sliding gray face that reveals the words—delete “never,     bad,       can’t,       dumb.” Another is a flower whose petals open up when you turn the page. “Be Aware of Beauty. . . for awareness of beauty creates a creative perspective.” Ginny says “The opportunity for creative experience exists in every situation, in every response, in every person.”

Our culture is falling deeper and deeper into darkness, and we mustn’t forget that in Christ we have more than the status quo. For He is “the light of the world and in Him is no darkness at all.” He is supremely creative and no matter how bad things become, if we believe in Christ, He will act into our lives in surprising ways. He will be our deliverer, our strength, our light, and our peace. For all things are possible with God.

“Help me remember, Lord, all the creative ways you have acted into my life that have brought freedom and delight. Show me ways I can be creative in my world and know the kind of abundance that blesses others.”

—RuthAnn Ridley

The Glory of Spring

The Glory of Spring

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