Inspiring Cherry Sauce for Meats

Hello everyone!

Merry third day after Christmas! Ours was festive and full of the people I love. Everyone, big and small, pitched in to piece together a Winter Wonderland wooden puzzle and color in a Because of Bethlehem Christmas Coloring book. We finished coloring a beautiful Christmas wreath with the caption Love is born. Hope is here.


 This week Dale has created a unique Cherry Sauce for us today that is versatile—for Holiday use or everyday, for turkey, pork or chicken.


Dale’s World:

Cherry Sauce

Tired of Cranberry Sauce? Try this sauce ladled over pork, turkey or chicken. It is even good over ice cream! It only takes a few minutes to do and you will have something that everyone else is not serving.


You will need:


1 16 oz. Bag of frozen Dark Sweet Cherries         1 cup of Water

1/3 cup of Sugar                                                      1 Tbs. Cornstarch

1 Tbs. of Amoretto

Cherry Sauce Ingredients

Cherry Sauce



  1. Pour the frozen cherries into a medium sized, non-reactive, sauce pan.
  2. Add the sugar
  3. Mix the water and cornstarch, then pour it into the pan.
  4. Cook over a medium heat until the mixture boils, turns clear and thickens.
  5. Cook for one more minute.
  6. Remove the sauce from the heat and stir in the amoretto. You could also use kirsch, chambord, cognac, frambois or grand marnier. Each of them will add their own subtle flavor to the sauce.
  7. God rest ye merry.

Food for Thought:

Christmas. What does it mean? It means Christ is coming. To you and me. It means glory: the stars and angels sing. It shines in the darkest part of the night. It rings through the air like bells circling, and encircling, the world.

Christmas is tenderness, gentleness, the love of a mother rubbing noses with her new born child.

Christmas is awe, the reverence of a husband wondering at the miracle, the blessedness, the favor—Emmanuel!

Christmas is hope fulfilled, the birthday of a King like no other, a King that will make all things right in you and me.

Oh Father-God, open my eyes, that I may see all these wonders you have for me. Dear Jesus, open my heart like a flower, unfurling to Thee.

—RuthAnn Ridlley

Celebrating with Cherry Sauce

Celebrating with
Cherry Sauce




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