About Us

Dale McClure

Like RuthAnn, I was born and raised in Texas. Only ten when I first started cooking, my specialty was barbecued wieners. After awhile my family became tired of those, so the only choice I had was to create something new.

I was a church music director the first half of my adult life,  Then I studied culinary arts at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont.

When not cooking, I enjoy painting the Colorado landscape and working as an Archivist/Historian for the First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs.

RuthAnn Ridley

I am the Texas girl who volunteered herself to play the piano at a talent show when she was eight.  Creativity is one of my greatest joys. I once opened my piano teacher’s studio door in college to find him playing his spell-binding rendition of the Chopin Scherzo I’d been practicing. It was so moving I was struck dumb.

I married a medical student in my senior year of college, and after he received his degree, we leapt into the exciting world of disciplemaking. We served God in this way for two decades.

When our children began leaving home, I was seized by the desire to write. My first publications were Bible Studies (i.e. God’s Love (InterVarsity), then nearly 100 inspirational articles and finally a historic novel on the life of J.S Bach (Bach’s Passion, Winepress).

Gourmet cooking is my current passion. And it’s all because of Dale’s noteworthy teaching. Yes, cooking used to be a chore, but now it’s a joy—a gift I can give to family and friends out of love for God. We live in Colorado Springs, and our three grown children all have the Art Spirit. Our toddler grandson? He’s already playing the piano and he’ll be cooking soon.